2006 C&W Online Conference Wrap-Up


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Re: Unintended Outcomes

Hi All,

I echo Paige’s thoughts about unexpected connections, collaborations, and possibilities for new work. It was great to work with her as a co-presenter and we are already thinking about an idea for an article. And, while I wasn’t able to participate as fully in the conference as I would have liked to due to family reasons, I certainly enjoyed being a part of this experience.

Thanks to Lennie, Kendall, Barbara, and everyone else who made this opportunity possible.


Posted by Troy Hicks on Tue, 02/28/2006 - 09:19
Unintended Outcomes

As usual, I find such beneficial unintended outcomes from my many ventures. This one began with a flyer Lennie handed me at the National Writing Project Conference in Pittsburgh. At the time, presenting at an online Computers & Writing Conference seemed like a great idea and my thoughts were tangled with which topic avenue I would take. As the time grew closer to propose, and life became busier, I settled on the e-portfolio issue in which I am professionally immersed and was fortunate enough to have shared a proposal idea with a new-found collegue Troy Hicks. Fortunately for me, Lennie asked us to co-present and the interaction of resources and ideas has furthered my knowledge immensley. I know I learned more than I contributed!

I was also made aware of an excellent Planning Guide for Implementing e-Portfolio Initiatives from from Stephen Ehrmann through his response to our forum. I have shared this with our faculty.

Although I wish attendance was greater, I personally gained from the experience and look forward to future conferences and collaboration with my new friends and collegues. I believe as this format grows in popularity, so will involvement in C&W Online.


Posted by Paige on Mon, 02/27/2006 - 14:23