Collaborvention 2011: A Computers and Writing Unconference

Submitted by admin on Tue, 03/08/2011 - 23:05

Welcome to Collaborvention 2011, the official Computers and Writing 2011 Online Unconference. The Computers and Writing website will be the hub for un-official announcements and scheduling unconference events.

A number of activities have already been posted. Check the event schedule to participate.

Collaborvention 2011 will occur from April 22-May 13, take a break for the f2f 2011 Computers and Writing Conference, and reconvene from May 22-May 30 as a follow-up to the meeting in Ann Arbor. Learn more about Collaborvention 2011 by perusing the links in the menu to the right. 

Looking forward to seeing your participation!

The Collaborvention 2011 Facilitators